Accessory Details
Craftsman Dentil Shelf

Craftsman style draws inspiration from nature and largely consists of simple forms, strong lines, handcrafted workmanship based on natural materials such as wood and stone. A dentil shelf is the finishing touch designed to tie all the elements of your craftsman door together.

3 Block Smooth Dentil Shelf: steel craftsman doors
3 Block Wood Grain Dentil Shelf: Belmont rift-cut oak craftsman doors
4 Block Wood Grain Dentil Shelf: Belmont oak, smooth or rustic mahogany craftsman doors
2 Tier Smooth Dentil Shelf: Belmont smooth craftsman doors

Compatible with: All craftsman doors


SDL Bar Kit

A Simulated Divided Lite (SDL) is an accent that adds an element of distinction to the both exterior sides of your flush glazed glass. The 1-1/8″ SDL bars are reminiscent of old world artisan glass detailing with a variety of options designed to complement a wide variety of home styles. The wider flat bars is an excellent option for a contemporary space. This refined, yet edgy style of door with clean lines qualifies a second look. The results are stunning.

1-1/8″ SDL Flat Bar Profiles: craftsman doors – 3 lite or 6 lite options
1-1/8″ SDL Flat Bar Profiles: Belmont flush glazed doors – 4 lite craftsman, 9 lite prairie, 15 lite, or 18 lite options
3-1/2″ SDL Flat Bar Profiles: Belmont flush glazed doors – 3 lite contemporary, 4 lite contemporary, 5 lite contemporary or 6 lite contemporary options

Compatible with: All craftsman doors, as well as Belmont flush glazed smooth fiberglass full-lite doors