Tru Tech Doors Launches iPad App to Help Catapult Door Sales

Tru Tech Doors, leading manufacturer of high-quality fiberglass and steel doors, and decorative glass, launched its first mobile application today. The new app, currently available for the iPad, will be provided exclusively to the company’s Sales Representatives, Distributors and Dealers of Tru Tech Doors.

The Tru Tech Doors mobile application was developed as part of President, John Careri’s vision to revolutionize the door manufacturing industry. “Making the finest quality doors that are easy to buy and even easier to sell is at the root of everything we do as an organization. In these tough economic times however, that’s just not enough. We are making it a top priority to ensure that every person representing a Tru Tech door has the right tools to illustrate the product difference, breadth of offering, price, and availability. . . whatever they need to close the sale.”, says Careri.

This user-friendly, convenient and feature-robust application provides instant access to all the Tru Tech Doors product lines, including Harbour Craft® Premium Fiberglass Doors, Executive Series Doors, and HD Steel Doors as well as the company’s extensive collection of Arteferro® Wrought Iron Glass and Tru Elegance Decorative Glass options. Each product line features an extensive image library offering countless configurations, colour, finish and glass options.

The app ensures that users have instant access to all Tru Tech Doors marketing material including individual product brochures, award winning Magalog — magazine, catalog and inspiration guide, Harbour Craft® Grain and Stain Guides, and the company’s Price Guides. All support collateral can be viewed on the iPad, downloaded and printed directly from the app for maximum flexibility.

Recognizing the importance of inspiration and helping customers visualize the end product, the Tru Tech app developers added in an innovative and exciting feature that provides fun and entertainment. . . and a powerful sales tool. The TRY-IT-ON Tool allows users to use the iPad camera to take a picture of a home front or entryway in real time and then insert any door option provided by the application. Users can then add sidelites, transoms, change glass and modify door placement within the photo. Finished images can be saved, emailed or stored within the app as favorites. Picking the right door for a home is like choosing the proper tie for your suite. Tru Tech Door’s new TRY-IT-ON Toolallows users to visualize what the door will look like on the home before the purchase is made.

“This app is going to change the way customers and representatives buy and sell doors”, says Carlo Ianni, Director of Sales. “Finally they’ll be able to leave the heavy, expensive collateral material behind and focus on building the customer relationship and interacting with the customer and the products. Instant access, in real time, to up-to-date information, in a professional, high-quality presentation — what more could a sales person want?”

To find out if you qualify for access to the new Tru Tech Doors mobile application, please email us at To learn more about Tru Tech Doors, please visit the company website

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