Although our doors come in 20 standard premium paint colours the time may come when you want to paint your door a different colour. Read our finishing instructions.


Helpful Hints Before Finishing:

  • Place door in a flat level position off the floor and allow it to acclimate to room temperature for at least 24 hours before finishing.
  • Finishing is easier if the door is in a horizontal position. Remove the hinge pins and carefully place the door on a padded surface.
  • Finish in a dust-free area. Do not finish in direct sunlight.
  • Remove hardware and mask off any glass.

Follow paint manufacturer’s instructions.

  • Wear safety glasses for eye protection, and wear rubber gloves to prevent soiling the door with oil from your hands.

Be sure to use good quality paint and primer. Be sure the paint is compatible with the primer.

  • Never finish only one side of a door.
  • When applying more than one coat of finish, allow each coat to dry thoroughly before applying the next.


  • Remove the door from the jamb. Do not stand the door on the sweep
    (the flexible door bottom) as damage may result.
  • Brush the door lightly to remove any loose dirt or particles.
  • Clean the door with paint thinner (mineral spirits or turpentine), making sure all residue is removed and the door is dry.
  • Lightly scuff sand the door face and back (to improve paint adhesion) and wipe the door clean.
  • Your Insulated Steel Door is primed and ready to paint.
    Note: Steel doors must be painted within 45 days of installation.
  • Paint all sides of the door with a good quality exterior acrylic latex paint or an exterior acrylic enamel. For best results, apply two light coats of paint, allowing the first to dry before lightly sanding and applying the second coat. Be sure to paint the top and sides of the door, as failure to do so will void the warranty.
  • To simulate a wood grain look when using a paintbrush, paint across all the rails from one edge of the door to the other. Then paint the stiles from the top of the door to the bottom.
  • If your door jamb and molding are primed, clean with a damp cloth and allow to dry. Lightly sand any rough areas.
  • Paint the jamb and molding with a good quality exterior acrylic latex paint. For best results, use two light coats.
  • Do not paint over the weather strip or the door sweep.

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