Harbour Craft® Fiberglass Doors

Tru Tech, a leading manufacturer of entry door systems is pleased to announce the Fiberglass Collection. Our Fiberglass Collection offers the highest durability door for any climate. With our superior wood grain finish that can be easily stained to match any decor, only you will know it's not real wood. Prefer a painted finish? Not a problem. With Tru Tech Fiberglass Doors you are sure to find the perfect look for you.

The Harbour Craft Collection is the first of many Tru Tech fiberglass doors. Using a patented technology and a unique mould process, Harbour Craft Fiberglass doors mimic the grain, texture and construction of a handcrafted hardwood door. And just like a real wood door, the process starts with the highest quality hardwoods. Each mould is made from a select piece of mahogany, oak or cherry to guarantee the authentic look and feel of real wood. Our vast array of rich, embossed panels and complementary doorlites, sidelites and frames will complete your look. Our moulded fiberglass exterior frame and polyurethane foam core will provide superior thermal performance and strength. So if you've always desired the beauty of wood but not the maintenance...look no further than a Tru Tech Fiberglass Door.

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6' 8" Harbour Craft 8' Harbour Craft Wood Grains

Harbour Craft® Oak Grain

Oak, known for its strength, durability and hardness, is a common choice for today’s traditional and modern homes. Each Harbour Craft Oak Fiberglass door is moulded from a select piece of real Oak hardwood to ensure a premium and authentic look without all the maintenance.

Harbour Craft® Cherry Grain

Native to North America, this elegant premium hardwood has been a favourite in high-end homes for centuries. Our Harbour Craft Cherry Fiberglass Doors use patented technology and a unique moulding process to mimic the grain of real Cherry wood. Just like the real thing, our Cherry collection delivers the natural luster, beautiful grain and rich glow that Cherry hardwood is best known for.

Harbour Craft® Mahogany Grain

The world’s premier exotic wood, Mahogany has a wood grain that offers a fine texture and uniform interlocking grain, ranging from straight to curly. Mahogany’s classic look complements a diverse range of home styles from traditional to contemporary. Just like a real wood door, the Harbour Craft Mahogany Collection starts with the highest quality hardwoods and utilizes a unique moulding process to ensure that each door embodies the same beauty as its inspiration.

Harbour Craft® Craftsman Fir Grain

Known for being exceptionally strong with a straight grain, Fir is one of the most dominant species in the Northwest. The Fir wood grain combined with the design and construction of the Harbour Craft Craftsman door perfectly complements Mission and Craftsman style architecture. Like the wood of a Douglas Fir, the Harbour Craft Fir Collection is created using a real piece of this distinctive hardwood to ensure a true-to-nature look and feel that can fool even the most discerning eye.

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